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Immagine dal film L'Apprendistato

The young observant is the story of the first year of training in the art of serving the young Luca and his classmates at a prestigious hotel institute through the complex fabric of rules and discipline imposed by the profession and the future life that awaits them.

“In any type of society the life of the individual consists
in passing on from one age to another and from one occupation
to another. Where ages, and therefore the corresponding occupations,
are kept separate, this passage is accompanied by to particular acts:
they, for example, constitute, with respect to our professions,
the apprenticeship, while for the semi-civilized peoples,
they carry out themselves in religious ceremonies, since
among them no act is completely released from the sacred.”


The rites of passage, Arnold Van Gennap, 2012 stamped boringhieri Pg 5

Festival in cui รจ presente L'Apprendistato di Davide Maldi