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On the crest of the mountain, at dusk, a fourteen-year-old boy brings the pasture back to his house for the last time. Life in the mountains is about to end. In the silence of the valley, you can hear the rarefied sound of hooves and cowbells. Domodossola. The next morning, Luca and his future companions climb the imposing stairways of the prestigious Mellerio Rosmini hotel college for the first time. The institute is located in a majestic nineteenth-century building and is renowned for its very rigid teaching method, based on strict rules and strict discipline: it is a school of the past that has the ambition to train capable personnel to fit into high working ranks.

Luca is a shy boy, intelligent, but not very inclined to study. However, the family has registered him so that the boy can quickly learn the trade and work immediately with profit. During the day the lessons of gait, cooking, dining, hospitality, law… put Luca in constant trouble. Unlike his companions, he struggles to align himself with this world of precise norms, whose ultimate parameter is to bow his head without discussing and serving the client. Everything is foreign to him. Even his own body, accustomed to mountain life, seems to struggle to learn the right posture. He is clumsy and as much as he tries, legs, arms, hands cannot coordinate themselves harmoniously. At the end of the school year, Luca will be judged suitable or not to the profession and then choose whether to renounce his freedom.